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Council Member Pierce Explains Vote to add known Oil Lobbyist to City Committee

Posted on December 19, 2014 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (3)

To whom it may concern:

I recently read on the A.C.R.E. website about the appointment to the oil & gas committee. I would like to provide a few facts. I am a member of the City Council Planning, Economic, Development and Redevelopment (PEDR) policy committee, who made the appointment. I cannot let your comments about the appointment go by without responding.

The PEDR committee received several applications for the vacancy on the oil & gas committee. The vacancy was created because one of the members did not attend meetings. So the vacancy needed to be filled. All personal information was redacted from all of the applications. The PEDR committee had no idea who had applied. The application process for the oil & gas committee was widely distributed. I based my decision on who should the vacancy was based only on information contained in the applications.

Finally, to bring the Police Chief search into this subject is not appropriate. Another fact that may have gotten lost is that the City Manager is in charge of hiring a new Police Chief, not City Council. He went through all the steps: he hired the recruitment firm, he narrowed down the applicants, he did background checks on the applicants just to name a few of the steps. Yes, City Council provides input on the finalists. The decision is made by the City Manager.

I'm not going to respond to the comments about Ms. Page. She is perfectly capable of doing so, if she chooses.

I would ask that you please post this on A.C.R.E. website.

Please contact me if you have questions.


Brad Pierce

Aurora City Council

Aurora Calls for Citizen Input re Fracking Waivers

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Aurora has issued an on-line survey to gain citizen input on Fracking and Oil development waivers from existing regulations that are now being routinely granted to oil producers. The new survey is at: http://https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BJJ5BM2


The survey seeks input regarding Oil developments' Fencing, Landscaping, Road widths, Equipment Heights, and Setback requirements. ACRE has no issue with the move to smaller access roads since Puble Safety has signed off on this issue as being no problem for emergency vehicles. But ACRE continues to call for effective "Visual Attenuation" fencing to partially cloak the new wells and their eyesore nature. And ACRE has the same position on landscaping despite the OIl company's claim that there is no local water to irrigate the landscaping. ACRE calls this a false argument for the Operators are bringing in tens of thousands of gallons of precious water to support their Fracking operations. As such, it is a very specious argument that these same Operator's can't haul in a few hundred gallons of water each month to support landscaping of their sites.


ACRE is also troubled by the claim that 31-foot Vapor Recovery towers are required to meet air quality requjirements. The Operators have produced no Engineering Studies nor Process Simulations to support the 31-foot height and the height waivers to date. Nor have the Operators tried alternate technologies or equipment arrangements to meet the air quality requirements. The Air Quality attainment is a state-mandated Performance Standard, and there is nothing in the standard that requires a 31-foot tower at each site.


ACRE welcomes the city's initiative to gain citizen input into the current Oil Fracking Waiver process that is going on without public input or public meetings. Hopefully the new survey is the first step in opening up Aurora's processes for Oil and Gas regulation to public view.

Scientific American article documents Fracking Problems

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Scientific American documented Fracking issues with seismic (earthquake) problems in the Colorado/New Mexico area, and ground water issues associated with poort well completion techniques.  See it at:


Denver Post Article re Conoco Wells

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Aurora residents take issue with taller fracking towers near homes


By Megan Mitchell

YourHub Reporter

Posted: 09/03/2014 10:10:19 AM MDT8 Comments | Updated: about 3 hours ago


AURORA — Some Aurora residents are questioning the transparency of city staff over administrative waivers that may be granted to Houston-based oil and gas developer ConocoPhillips to build 30-foot-tall towers for hydraulic fracturing near residential developments.


ConocoPhillips has five or six well sites in city limits right now. Aurora city planner Stephen Rodriguez said that the five applications moving through the approval process represent a major spike in oil and gas development, especially considering that more applications are due in the coming months.


Well sites "will soon be in the double digits, which is a tremendous increase," Rodriguez said. "The city looks at land use impacts ... we do not approve anything that has to do with oil and gas drilling — all of that is regulated by the state."


City staff is working to keep up its local regulations on things like vapor recovery tanks, which are used to control greenhouse emissions.


In 2012, the city approved an ordinance that limits the height of those tanks to 20 feet. The ordinance also requires a 1,000-foot setback from residences and city property.


Now, city planners are working to amend that ordinance to allow the tanks to be at least 30 feet tall.


Some residents in one of the closest subdivisions, Murphy Creek, say they didn't get an opportunity to address city council on the new waivers, which can be approved without going before council.



While the 2012 ordinance only allows the city to consider waivers if a developer violates the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulations or if the company encroaches on private property, another ordinance allows the planning and zoning commission to consider any waiver for any reason with a public hearing.


According to city staff, planned fracking sites are approximately 1,100 feet north of County Line Road and Hayesmount Road. The closest residential lot in Murphy Creek is approximately 2,000 feet from one of the proposed well sites, and the Adonea subdivision is approximately 1,700 feet from another proposed well site.


Margaret Sobey, a resident of Murphy Creek, discussed her concerns at a recent council meeting.


"It's hard to understand how, legally, you can skip from one code to another," she said, "It's really important, I think, that things be processed in a manner that the public can understand."


Village East resident John Dougherty is a member of the resident group, Aurora Citizens for Responsible Energy, which he says exists so that Aurora citizens can be heard on energy development issues.


"I'm very much for developing this resource, I just want it done responsibly and not ... cloaked in secrecy like what's happening now," he said. "I've probably spent 15 hours a week just trying to track down what they are doing."


Dougherty said he takes no issue with the legality of the waiver process to increase tower height, but he said that the city is not acting in the spirit of the 2012 ordinance.


"It seems that council call-up is the only mechanism to fix some of these waived mitigation measures," he said, referring to the process whereby a council member can request to hear an issue. He said he thinks the city is prioritizing ConocoPhillips over the concerns of residents.

Conoco Phillips to hostt meeting Sep 9, 5PM, Fairgrounds

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ConocoPhillips Oil and Gas Wells

Site Plans


You are invited to attend an open house to discuss Site Plans for three development applications:

Cherry Creek Vista 28-1H, Eastern Hills 17-18 -1H and Eastern Hills 17-18 2H. Cherry Creek

Vista 28-1H is proposed in Section 28, south of Jewell Avenue, directly across from the existing

Cottonwood Creek well site. Both Eastern Hills locations are proposed within Section 17, along

the west side of Powhaton Road, south of the Adonea community. The purpose of the open

house will be to discuss concerns the adjacent property owners and neighborhood organizations

may have about these projects. The applicant (ConocoPhillips Company) will host this open

house with various booths presenting information about the site plans and the operational

activities, and to listen to your concerns.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, yet have specific concerns about these projects, please

contact the Planning Case Manager Supervisor, Stephen Rodriguez at 303-739-7186 or

[email protected] or, Margee Cannon at 303-739-7287 or [email protected]

Alternatively, you may put your comments in writing and send them to the City of Aurora,

Stephen Rodriguez, Case Manager, Aurora Municipal Center, and 15151 E. Alameda Parkway,

Aurora, CO 80012.

DATE: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TIME: 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

PLACE: Arapahoe County Fairgrounds

25690 E. Quincy Avenue

Aurora, CO 80016

Paintbrush Conference Room

For easiest access you will want to enter through the double doors on the north side of the

building, the conference room will be to your right and the bathrooms to your left.

To view current development applications, please visit:


Judge tosses Lafayette fracking ban

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Denver Post  published article noting a judge voerruled Lafayette's new Fracking Ban:


Plananing to brief Council at Aug 25 Study Session

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Representatives from Planning will brief Council about current status of Oil and Gas drilling and update of current regulations.  Briefing to be at Council's Aug 25 Study Sessin at 6PM, 1st floor City Hall..