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Aurora Calls for Citizen Input re Fracking Waivers

Posted on September 17, 2014 at 3:50 PM

Aurora has issued an on-line survey to gain citizen input on Fracking and Oil development waivers from existing regulations that are now being routinely granted to oil producers. The new survey is at: http://https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BJJ5BM2


The survey seeks input regarding Oil developments' Fencing, Landscaping, Road widths, Equipment Heights, and Setback requirements. ACRE has no issue with the move to smaller access roads since Puble Safety has signed off on this issue as being no problem for emergency vehicles. But ACRE continues to call for effective "Visual Attenuation" fencing to partially cloak the new wells and their eyesore nature. And ACRE has the same position on landscaping despite the OIl company's claim that there is no local water to irrigate the landscaping. ACRE calls this a false argument for the Operators are bringing in tens of thousands of gallons of precious water to support their Fracking operations. As such, it is a very specious argument that these same Operator's can't haul in a few hundred gallons of water each month to support landscaping of their sites.


ACRE is also troubled by the claim that 31-foot Vapor Recovery towers are required to meet air quality requjirements. The Operators have produced no Engineering Studies nor Process Simulations to support the 31-foot height and the height waivers to date. Nor have the Operators tried alternate technologies or equipment arrangements to meet the air quality requirements. The Air Quality attainment is a state-mandated Performance Standard, and there is nothing in the standard that requires a 31-foot tower at each site.


ACRE welcomes the city's initiative to gain citizen input into the current Oil Fracking Waiver process that is going on without public input or public meetings. Hopefully the new survey is the first step in opening up Aurora's processes for Oil and Gas regulation to public view.

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